Shadow day 2020 in airBaltic

Shadow Day is a career educational event for schools youth, organized by the largest educational organization Junior Achievement Latvia (JA Latvia). This year, on February 12, 1695 shadows hostess from all over Latvia introduced  various professions to the students, offering in total of 10450 vacancies.

Like every year already, also this time airBaltic was excited to host in total of 128 students, who came to airBaltic to get a firsthand insight on work in aviation industry and our company. 86 of them joined our Pilots and Cabin Crew on flights to various different destinations within airBaltic's network, while 42 got nonetheless exciting and valuable experience shadowing airBaltic's professionals from Office, Support and Technical teams. 

We are very pleased to have received such high interest from shadows, especially for shadowing Pilots and Cabin Crew.

Here will be the feedback on this project from our shadows and the team:

Makars Lavišs, a student and shadow in Technical department:

“Thank you so much for such a great opportunity and an unforgettable experience! Everything was very interesting and listening to you was very exciting and valuable!”

For Maxime Larguet, a shadow of airBaltic pilot, the experience was even more special as he was "shadowing" his father - Dash Q400 Captain. Maxime says:

“It was an unforgettable experience to see the inside operations from a pilot's perspective of a flight to Warsaw. Thanks to airBaltic Shadow Day, I have been able to see and share with a very special crew every moment of the flight: from boarding to landing in Poland's challenging cold weather. The crew demonstrated and explained all the tasks performed prior and during the flight. I am now more than ever motivated to pursue my dreams in the aviation sector in order to move from the jump seat to the pilot's one.”

Konstantīns, a shadow of airBaltic pilot: 

"Today I woke up early – at 5 o'clock in the morning. But it was easy, because it was a day when one of my dreams came true. From the very first flight as a passenger, I tried to imagine how it is to fly in the cockpit.
And here was my chance – to become a pilot's shadow for a day. I had applied for pilot's shadow vacancy several times, and this year I was finally lucky!
So, it is early morning and we are in the airport. There are 7 shadows flying BT601/2 RIX-BRU-RIX. A220 looks fantastic, it is very modern aircraft.
Every shadow got a chance to get familiar with cabin crew duties (many thanks to Kaspars) and, of course, to spend some time in the cockpit. I was lucky to be in the cockpit during landing. You are in the blue sky, then go though clouds and you see the runway far away. You hear some special announcements in the cockpit and runway comes closer and closer and finally the aircraft is landed. Many many thanks to captain Darja and co-pilot Ashford. They were so professional and friendly.
Once again i would like to thank Darja and Ashford, cabin crew led by Kaspars and airBaltic team who organized this unforgetable event!
I got a truly unique experience. As Senior cabin crew Kaspars said: it was my second birthday."

Everts, a shadow of airBaltic technician: 

"The impressive airBaltic fleet and hangar, as well as interesting facts about airBaltic's work, I will definitely remember. After the Shadow Day, I realized that the profession has the responsibility, precision, focus and endurance to work through the night. This job is not easy, but it brings me great satisfaction, which also attracts me to this profession so much.
Shadow Day brought a significant benefit to my future, thank you."

Aleksandra Matusēviča, A200 First Officer, was glad to have a possibility to host a shadow:

“This year I had a pride and joy to participate at the Shadow Day for the first time. We had shadows who were joining our flight Riga – Amsterdam – Riga. During the flight I had an opportunity to explain and show part of my daily life as a pilot, as well as answer all the questions our “shadows” had. This day made me remember the time when I was working as a flight instructor and shared my experience and knowledge with students, every time feeling happy about the success and achievements they reached. I really hope that Shadow Day and the chance that this day provides, will motive every student to take an action and make their dream come true.”

And some facts about Shadow Day project:

  • This year, airBaltic hosted a total of 128 students/shadows; 
  • A total of 633 applications to host airBaltic's professionals were submitted; 
  • Vacancies for Pilots and Cabin Crew were among the most popular of all published vacancies on the Shadow Day's official website; 
  • Among the available Office/Support/Technical vacancies, the most popular ones were Technician and Financial Controller.
  • 2020 is the 14th year of airBaltic participating in the annual Shadow Day project; 
Come and shadow airBaltic professionals also next year! Follow the information on


Maxime Larguet and his father, airBaltic Dash Q400 Captain