airBaltic new corporate values

We are glad to introduce airBaltic reconsidered mission and vision statements and new core values, taking effect as of October, 2020.

According to current airBaltic’s strategical priorities – stay, revise and grow, we are revising many different business aspects, starting from the company’s business plan itself, product, digital strategies and solutions, continuing with the processes and such fundamental conception as company’s mission, vision and core values. With the industry recovery going along with new business realities it’s important to restart even stronger and empowered to realize our vision together.

misrt step was to adjust company's business vision and mission. Considering the experience gained over the 25 years and current situation, airBaltic management approved the following:


Our mission is to ensure vital connectivity between the Baltic States and the world and deliver a significant contribution to the economy.


Our vision sees airBaltic becoming a sustainable carrier in the EU aviation market, while maintaining a continuous growth path and innovative improvement of passenger experience, and developing the Baltic states as one of the key European business centres.

The next was to define what will be the main drivers for renewed mission and vision commitments.

On July 22th this year, we started our company’s Core Values revision project with active participation of our employees, managers, stakeholders and customers via opinion surveys and several levels of workshops, persuing the aim to describe and shape airBaltic’s Core Values throughout their experience and vision of airBaltic’s beliefs, philosophy and principles that drive our business.

As from 1995 airBaltic has three core operational values – Safety, Punctuality and Service, which palyed an essential role in our everyday operations and business, but in addition to those, in the first round of Core values revision project, our employees have emphasized three more, deeply held values that reveal our identity in a fuller scope and would guide us to reach new heights together:

Flexibility- our innovations, efficiency in decision-making, fast adoption to change, simple and clean product

Passion- our ambition to grow, loving aviation and our job, team spirit, drive and motivation we have

Sustainability - green product, transparency and honesty, care for people, accountability

 The next was Employees workshop on August 5th to brainstorm the shape of probably new 6 values, their visual concept, definitions, personality traits our personnel should express to reflect them while performing the duties.

We gathered very valuable insights during the workshop, including the main one – our people as the most precious asset, being the basis of the airBaltic success story.

This was taken as the kick-off point for further development of our new core values by exploring in depth what is making us so unique, passionate and engaged.

 Proceeding our stakeholders and customers reviews, we’ve got the additional inspiration for defining the values.

 airBaltic customers especially emphasized company’s employees sparkling eyes while servicing them on the flights. Meeting our flight crew and contacting our customer care representatives, airBaltic clients see that they love what they do, have the real passion for aviation and enjoy every day at work, what drives the sevice level high. Our customers have admitted that always feel safe, planes are ready for flight, clean, specially desinfected now and additional measures are taken for passengers safety and comfort.

Our stakeholders particulary highlighted airBaltic reliabilty as a partner being punctual not only in transporting the passengers, but also in administrative relations such as following the commitments timely and acting fast and precise in any type of cooperation.

When the feedback from different channels was gathered, we had a very productive work session with company’s marketing, corporate communication and HR representatives to husk the essence. The message was absolutely clear – airBaltic needs to transform excisting values in more actionable and broad conception.

 As a resultl, we've got three new core values:



The next phase of the core values project is the implementaton of new values as a base for our processes our internal and external to underpin all company’s activities through interconnected touch points.