airBaltic rehiring policy in force

Covid-19 crisis paralyzed many of our life areas globally. To limit virus spread, commercial passenger aviation has been suspended in many countries. Now airBaltic is gradually resuming its operations hoping to provide the best connectivity to and from the Baltic region as soon as possible.

Entire scheduled operations of airBaltic were stopped on March 17, 2020, putting almost 1800 of our colleagues on idle time.

Commitment of airBaltic’s management is  to lead the company through the crisis and restart operations as soon as possible, supporting the rebuild of Latvian economy as part of the critical infrastructure. Special recovery action plan was put in place with an immediate effect, including heavy costs reduction, investment suspension, management salaries cuts, negotiations with suppliers and providers, unfortunately including workforce costs, which led to the decision of staff reduction.

airBaltic has always had a team of highly professional, qualified and engaged talents with valuable aviation experience. Each termination of the employment contract was a painful, but essential to keep the company running.

We are grateful for our employees’ loyalty accepting this decision with understanding and strong belief in company’s future growth.

Company foresees the future together with our fellow colleagues back again, therefore we granted rehiring guarantees. We are looking  forward to having new job openings and wider promotions on the great career opportunities at airBaltic in the following months. We will be welcoming back our former colleagues with the highest priority according to the re-hiring guarantees issued. Still, we hope to see interest from external talents to join us for the future growth later on as well.

Stay together and see in the sky soon again!