Ambassadors of airBaltic Core Values

During the daily operations we notice colleagues whose hard work is an example to everyone in our team, who inspire, whose dedication to work is helping to lead airline to the success. The appreciation and feedback culture in airBaltic is important, therefore, we invited employees to recognize colleagues around us. To vote for colleagues who have a unique perspective, who are amazing role models, who use remarkable skills to fuel our mutual efforts and lift the airline and people around towards greater achievements - the ones who embody airBaltic values the most.

The Ambassador of airBaltic value - We Deliver
Call Center Team Leader

What does your role as the ambassador of We Deliver value embodies?
As an airBaltic Call Center team leader it is my daily responsibility to make sure we deliver the best possible service to our passengers. With support of my team I believe we provide great customer care and maintain it on a highest level. Our main goal is to satisfy customers needs and this is what we do every day.

How does it feel to be appraised as the ambassador of airBaltic brand value We Deliver?
I am very much honoured and proud to be elected to represent our company's value We Deliver. I am glad that my colleagues see me as person who knows how to deliver great service. It is amazing to receive recognition and to know that accomplishments do not go unnoticed. I feel motivated and will continue to motivate my wonderful team.

What would be your advice for colleagues on how to evolve this value?
When providing a service, imagine yourself in your customer shoes just for one second and think what would be your expectations and experience, as well as what level of service would you like to be delivered to you. Every single client is important!

What would you wish to colleagues as an inspiration to develop the value We Deliver?
To be patient, to listen carefully and to understand the needs of customers. To be positive and never forget to smile! A positive mindset and attitude comes a long way when helping our clients and providing them with a pleasant experience, which is all we could ever ask for.

The Ambassador of airBaltic value - We Care
Head of Call Center and Airport Ticket Office

Together with my team we strive to avoid complaints and earn compliments!
The title Customer Care expresses the main value of our department – to provide the world class service to internal, external and potential clients. We are interested in understanding the needs of all customers to offer the most efficient solutions for non-standard situations and to assist in finding business trips and memorable leisure travels.

What does your role as the ambassador of We Care value embodies?
My task is to provide a continuous drive of the processes that ensures availability to our customers at any time and when most needed. Also part of my responsibility is to develop technical capabilities so that the customer can make the necessary changes independently at his own convenience. I am always looking for new technological solutions that facilitate customer communication and service with our airline, at any touchpoint. With my example, explanatory work and attitude towards employees, colleagues, customers and the worldview together, I am trying to show my team that we are interested in everything that happens to colleagues, passengers and events around us. I strive to maintain inner peace, patience, compassion, to listen and understand the needs of my employees, colleagues and our customers. Never stop in development, be open to news and modernization. ​

How does it feel to be appraised as the ambassador of airBaltic brand value We Care?
I am very grateful for this assessment. For me personally, it is a great honour to receive such a high rating. This means that many colleagues have appreciated my work and passion for achieving a very high level of service and quality to our customers at every stage of communication. This honour is an inspiration for me to continue the way and achieve new goals. Thank you all so much for such a high rating!

What would be your advice for colleagues on how to evolve this value?
There must be a deep and genuine interest in what we do, ability to hear the needs of colleagues and customers and an internal motivation to move the processes towards a positive result. Always try to see each employee’s strengths and incorporate them in the work process to achieve the very high results together. You have to be open-minded to everything new, you have to be willing not to stop at what has been achieved and to think at least 3 steps ahead.

What would you wish to colleagues as an inspiration to develop the value We Care?
In my opinion, every employee who works in our airline should embody this value, as all of us must care about what is happening around us and with a heart and soul be interested in our work. I wish all of us to be responsible and take responsibility for our customers, passengers, colleagues and the company, so that we can definitely say: "WE CARE!"

The Ambassador of airBaltic value - We Grow
SVP Human Resources

What does your role as the ambassador of We Grow value embodies?
It would probably be better described by my team members, as from my perspective I can share how I live through the value We Grow on a daily basis and how I work in my teams. I am a member of two teams: leading the HR team and being part of Top Management team. Last year has been full of tough challenges, the priorities set by our CEO, Martin Gauss - STAY, REVISE and GROW (which also coincides with airBaltic We Grow value) – have been the fundamental guidelines, thus the work of HR team has been built on the basis of each priority.

With a focus on the airline's future development and adjustment to new circumstances the Top Management team decided in favour of the Employee and Leadership Development Initiative - airBaltic Leaders for Future (ALFA) program.

As the crisis had made a significant impact on the entire industry, in accordance with the revised mission and vision, we also initiated the re-evaluation and re-validation of airline’s core values. I believe these two huge blocks have proven the HR role in a successful development and continuous growth of the company.

Together with HR Team we were able to find the energy and vigour to implement various changes and improvements that had been thought of and worked on for years waiting for the right time, resources and demand.

Within the team we always share the gained knowledge and generate solutions to meet our changing and dynamic environment. I never stop at a certain result, I always move forward and I am glad that there are like-minded professionals in the team. In my opinion, this was also appreciated by colleagues as the We Grow ambassadorship.

How does it feel to be appraised as the ambassador of airBaltic brand value We Grow?
The appreciation from colleagues is always incredibly pleasant. Honestly, there were also reflections on whether, as the initiator of the values revision process, it would be correct to publicly accept such an appreciation. Speaking to colleagues, I realized that this appraisal is also an appraisal of my entire HR team, an appreciation of their work, investment and energy, therefore by no means can this be overlooked. I am truly grateful to all colleagues for their votes, it is a real honour to represent the company's values and especially valuable as it is based on the opinion of our employees. Also it is a responsibility that puts even more focus on the development and growth of the airline and what I and my team can do today and tomorrow to make it a success.

What would be your advice for colleagues on how to evolve this value?
This is already our DNA, highlighted through employee surveys, workshops, surveys of our stakeholders and customers. It is a value that we realize on a daily basis now - the way we operate and the decisions we make, how we adapt to new circumstances and initiate changes ourselves. Our ambition is to grow and develop, maintain leadership and become leaders in new fields. We Grow! What I would recommend to colleagues is to take time in everyday life and reflect on your daily learning points - from communication with colleagues, from the work done and implemented projects – plan time for your development and visualization of the future. And share knowledge and ideas with colleagues.

What would you wish to colleagues as an inspiration to develop the values?

Each of us individually and together as a united team - we are airBaltic. We create a unique company culture and environment, together we develop, grow and achieve the company's goals. We connect the Baltic States with the whole world developing stronger economies. The world is changing, so are we, not only we develop but also the Baltic States are evolving. I would have never imagined that my work would create great added value on a Baltic scale. I wish each colleague with this awareness to continue taking care of own development and the growth and development of our airline!