Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a vacancy?

Please use our recruitment site - here you will find a list of available vacancies. Click on a job ad you are interested in to learn more about requirements and responsibilities for the job. If you find it suitable for you, click on "Apply now" button, fill in your information and provide all necessary documentation. For Flight Crew and Cabin Crew related positions, you are welcome to apply via and pages as well.

How do I know that application screening is in process?

After you have filled in the application form and submitted your CV and motivation letter, you receive e-mail confirmation that your applications has been received.

How long does it take for the screening process?

The evaluation of applications by Human Resource Department might take up to 1 month after application due date.

From who airBaltic is collecting candidate's references?

Before making a job offer, we require references from current and/or previous employer(s). Academic and professional qualifications are verified as well.

What is recruitment process for Direct Entry Pilot positions?

If the previous steps are successful, we invite candidate for a two-day assessment. We help the candidate to arrange the flight and accommodation. The assessment includes SIM session, an in-depth discussion on SIM results and original document check with our flight instructors. Afterwards, a more detailed psychological interview is conducted by our psychologists.

How can I become a member of Cabin Crew?

Almost every week we are hosting Cabin Crew Open Days in airBaltic headquarters. The purpose of this event is to give information on job requirements, responsibilities and conditions to ones interested in a Cabin Crew position. Everyone holding a high school diploma is welcome to apply for the position and participate in the recruitment process. It is conducted by Cabin Crew supervisors and Human Resources department representatives and involves role-play excersises, a linguistic test and a group interview. Candidates who show remarkable results are invited to an individual interview where qualifications and professional experience is discussed. In average it takes two weeks to make a final decision. If positive decision is made, applicant receives information on dates when group trainings for Cabin Crew are started. Learn more about our Cabin Crew:

What should I expect during first months working as a Cabin Crew?

All candidates that become our employees have to learn a lot before going on their first flight, therefore all potential cabin crew members have to take one-month qualification course financed by airBaltic. Our students acquire such important skills as passenger interaction management in different situations, learn more on emergency and safety processes and gain general knowledge in aviation field. During the course employees receive minimum wage. Only after a successful completion of the course employee is appointed as a Junior Cabin Crew and assigned to the first flight. You can find more information on: