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IATA Diversity


International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced Latvian airline airBaltic as one of the four airlines shortlisted for its Diversity; Inclusion Team Award, whose ceremony took place during the annual general meeting in Seoul, the Republic of Korea.

What is training to become a pilot like?


The first group of students at the airBaltic Pilot Academy started their studies nine months ago. The academy was founded by airBaltic with an aim to train new pilots for the airline. The programme is now accepting applications again.

What is it like to work at airBaltic’s call centre?


Sixty-five employees provide 24/7 customer service at airBaltic’s call centre in seven languages: Latvian, English, Russian, German, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Finnish. The call centre team also works in close cooperation with other departments.

What is it like to lead the user support team?


The user support team is one of the most essential parts of airBaltic’s IT department, which has more than 40 employees. The team’s main goal is to provide IT support for all of airBaltic’s employees so that their work runs smoothly.

First 12 students graduate airBaltic Pilot Academy


The first 12 students, who began their studies just 18 months ago in spring 2018, have now graduated from the program and are joining airBaltic as first officers.

airBaltic appoints sustainability and corporate responsibility coordinator


Starting this month Latvian airline airBaltic has appointed Anete Vitjazeva as the company’s sustainability and corporate responsibility coordinator.

Latvia is working


On November 7th for the third time the Online Career Day will be held by the social movement “Latvia is working”.