Feedback management in airBaltic

In airBaltic, we do care about feedback culture and performance management. The end of the year usually is the time when teams start to plan yearly performance review meetings by doing also individual feedback sessions.

CakeHR system is very easy-to-use with modern interface and being responsive on different devices. The platform provides a broad range of options on how employees and managers can set up and maintain feedback process:

-          360 degree feedback

-          Quick feedback

-          1-2-1 meetings

-          Competencies monitoring

-          Development planning

CakeHR system is adaptive to goals with different types of measurements, time frames and context. It has comprehensive competencies library, both core and professional.

As nowadays working pace is  faster than ever before, in CakeHR it is easy to decide on the feedback cycle individually – whether you want to have short weekly, monthly, quarterly or just once per year reviews, it’s now up to each individual case to choose. Even more – employee also can manage the system, setting up personal goals, planning own development and initiating 1-2-1 meetings with the manager when it’s necessary.

airBaltic employees have been using CakeHR system more than 3 years already, sharing quick feedback and appreciation with each other on daily basis, having productive 1-2-1 meetings with their managers and monitoring their professional development in one place. It helps to structure their work more effectively by linking the company’s and each business function’s targets with individual goals.

The clear vision and qualitative feedback, employee effort’s recognition and engagement is the core of well-considered performance management system in airBaltic, what is the basis for both sides of the success - employee and the company.