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Group of engineers standing by a jet engine
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Engineer investigating a jet engine

Line maintenance

Our line maintenance team provides round-the-clock technical support by performing routine periodic maintenance tasks, troubleshooting, and providing technical support for the fleet, also when operating from outstations and on special missions.
Engineer investigating a control panel

Base maintenance

It’s impossible to overstate our focus on efficiency and safety. We keep our fleet in the best condition by performing heavy maintenance checks (C-checks), extensive scheduled inspections, and repairs of all major systems and structural modifications.
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Here a large variety of aircraft components are checked and modified to keep every detail of our planes in the best condition. We perform repairs of aircraft interiors and structures- galley equipment, wheels, brakes, batteries, and more.
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SkyTech internship participant

Technical apprenticeship

My internship at the AirBaltic was a world of accuracy, teamwork, and innovation. The logistics team's enthusiasm for the business and drive to excellence were encouraging, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.
University internship participant

University internship

I started the internship right after the university. I was given the opportunity to be a part of a very interesting digitalization project and in three months I was hired as a system analyst. The most exciting aspect of the IT internship is that you have an opportunity to get acquainted with the aviation business, which is much more complex than most industries, so you can expect new challenges on every step.
School internship participant

School internship

When I applied for airBaltic's summer job as a passenger service agent, I was pleasantly surprised, because I not only gained excellent experience, but I was also able to develop and improve my skills. The work is very responsible, but you can expect something new every day and you will never get bored.
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